Monday, December 1, 2008

Off the Mark

Did you hear about the shootout at a Toys R Us store in California on Friday?

The story didn't get all the coverage it might have -- due to the terrorists attacks in India and the trampling death of a Walmart worker under the feet of rampaging shoppers in Long Island.

In the Toys R Us case, according to the LA Times, two women got into a dispute and two men accompanying them pulled out weapons and shot each other dead.

The toy company issued a short statement expressing their outrage at the incident -- but amazingly, their main concern seemed to be to shoot down the notion that the matter had anything to do with "Black Friday."

Not only did Toys R Us fail to say anything about what the company might do to lessen the liklihood of similiar incidents -- but they left the impression that this could happen any time. Come on in, shoppers, we've got you covered.



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