Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It'll All Come Out In the Wash

Today we read in the NY Post that
Bernie Madoff’s longtime auditor pleaded guilty to securities fraud this morning in Manhattan federal court, where he told a judge he’d been oblivious to the massive fraud he was rubber-stamping.
Readers of the 15-Seconds Blog may remember that Bernie's bean counter, David Friehling, came to our attention late last year when news media went to his home to ask him some questions.

Friehling's son "greeted" a Fox Business News crew by throwing a bucket of water on their car. We made the point that this was not the best way to make yourself look sympathetic. The video is below:

After our first posting last December, 15-Seconds Blog got a number of angry comments from an anonymous poster from Long Island (whose judgment was suspiciously like Friehling's son) saying stuff like:
Friehling was proven no guiltier than my five-year-old neighbor. However, the news media feels the need to intrude upon his private affairs when there is more than reasonable doubt that he is innocent.
Reasonable doubt no more. According to today's NY Post:
Friehling is cooperating with feds investigating the case, and is expected to receive a sentence of only a few years behind bars for his help, as opposed to the 114 year max.


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