Tuesday, January 19, 2010

WH: We Decide On Who Reports

The White House has a new communications director, Dan Pfeiffer, but the same old attitude when it comes to Fox News.

Pfeiffer's predecessor, Anita Dunn, performed a near miracle by inspiring Fox News' competitors to come to the network's defense with her ham handed attacks.

Now Dan doubles down on stupid by giving a video interview to a New York Times blog in which he tells us how enlightened he is because he blogs and tries to find innovative ways to communicate -- and then makes the same rookie mistake that did Dunn -- by singling out Fox News because the have a point of view.

Pfeiffer fumes:

"I have the same view of Fox that Anita had, which is that Fox is not a traditional news organization. They have a point of view. That point of view pervades the entire network both the opinion shows, like Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly, but also through the newscasts during the day."

“We don’t feel an obligation to treat them like we treat a CNN or an ABC or an NBC,” Pfeiffer explains.
Communicators need to know that not every news organization is going to agree with them. You don't win public debates by only talking to your friends.

And even if you think one network has it out for you -- it is just plain dumb to announce that you are going to treat them differently than their competitors.


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