Thursday, February 25, 2010

Beam Me Up

The only thing certain about making a live TV appearance -- is that nothing is certain.  Guests need to be flexible.  Segments scheduled for the end of a live hour are often squeezed for time.  But if you have a message to deliver, a few minutes is better than none, right?

Apparently Walter and Judy Koenig don't think so.  The couple are the parents of actor Andrew Koenig (L) who appeared on the '80s TV show "Growing Pains" and has been missing in Vancouver, Canada since February 14th.  Walter Koenig (R) is an actor himself -- best known for playing "Chekov" on the original Star Trek.

The couple were slated to appear on Larry King Live last night from Vancouver to plead for help in finding their son.  Inexplicably, they walked off the set moments before they were slated to go on.  Some reports suggest they were upset at their segment being delayed (apparently by a report on a whale at Sea World in Orlando killing someone else's adult child earlier in the day.) The couple later explained their departure because they believed they were treated "disrespectfully."
See video below.

Unless you own the network -- you just have to go along with last minute decisions by producers and directors.  If you are gracious and flexible you win points with the stressed out production staff.  If you act like prima donnas - a return invitation may be a long time in coming.

Update:  Sadly, the next day Andrew Koenig's body was discovered in a Vancouver park.  His father said that Andrew had taken his own life.


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