Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Snow Has Fallen and It Can't Get Up

Washington DC Mayor Adrian Fenty shot an incredulous look at local NBC reporter Eun Yang today when she had the temerity to ask:
“When should the last of the snow be cleared, and when should things be back to normal?”
Tempers are short in DC after 60 inches of snow and the Mayor made no pretext of playing nice. He said her question: “doesn’t make any sense, if you forgive me."  "The snow has fallen,"  the Mayor helpfully added, saying:  "It’s not going to be gone until the temperature gets warm enough that it can melt.”

Yo Adrian.  Chill out.  Yang was only asking what every other one of your citizens wants to know.  Hizzoner got hissy again later in the interview when Yang asked a question about city trash pick up.
“You work for Channel 4 news. We have had, probably, 24 press conferences, and the last 20 of them, we have said to put the trash in front of the house," the mayor said.
“But we did that, and they never showed up," Yang said.
 “We apologize if that’s happened,” Fenty said halfheartedly.
Many big city mayors have had their tenures cut short by their inability to handle major snow storms.  Fenty should know that. And he should know that there is no advantage in getting nasty with the nice news lady.  His performance at snow removal and question answering will not give his constituents any warm feelings.


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