Thursday, May 27, 2010

Heavy Handed Media Relations

We are all for a "hands-on" approach to media relations -- but here is someone who takes it WAY too far.

Dan Noyes of KGO-TV in San Francisco was doing a story on the "patient gift fund" at the Laguna Honda Hospital. According to KGO, the fund is supposed to pay for small gifts like candy bars for patients -- but there are allegations that hospital administrators have been using it for their own lavish meals and travel.

So Noyes and his camera crew show up at a town hall meeting at the hospital in hopes of interviewing Hospital Director Mivic Hirose.

As can be seen in the raw footage below, the hospital communications director, Marc Slavin, inserted himself in the process and got excessively touchy-feeling with the reporter and camera person and finally called off the meeting when things got, shall we say, out of hand.

Slavin breaks about every rule in the book during this three minute video. Someone should tell the hospital spokesman to get a grip -- on himself.

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Jay said...

So Fred, how does a reporter handle a situation like this? I think the reporter did pretty well, he didn't break the spokesperson's arm or poke out an eye. Do you return to the studio and slice and dice this hospital and the spokesperson? Are they completely incompetent?

fred francis said...

Hey Jay - When a principal on video tape decides to commit digital suicide there is no need to slice and dice.
the reporter posted the full raw video on the station's website...which is pretty devastating to the spokesman. The spokesman sliced and diced himself.

If the spokesman were a little less obvious...but still a jerk...that might have called for some creative work on the part of the reporter. In any case -- you can bet KGO is going to remain all over the story of alleged mishandling of funds...that guy bought himself a ton more coverage.

Anonymous said...

Send your resumes to that hospital..there will be a spokesman opening soon.

15-Seconds said...

We'll pass on applying for full-time jobs there, but thanks for the suggestion.

However, if the Hospital would like to hire us to give a one-day seminar on how to do media relations -- we can promise them the best possible training -- HANDS DOWN.