Monday, June 20, 2011

Curse of the Spider Woman

Julie Taymor
The people have spoken, damn them.  Julie Taymor, ex-director of the Broadway play "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" is unimpressed.

The New York Times today quotes Taymor critiquing the re-tooled show she was axed from in March.  A newer, "much simpler," version of the $70 million extravaganza opened last week.

A large number of the show's actors went splat during earlier performances but worst,  audiences complained that the show was just too confusing.

After Taymor's firing her successor tried to clear up Spider-Man's web of confusion. She went to see the new version last week but didn't like what she saw.

"It's very scary if people are going to move towards... (having) audiences tell you how to make a show," the Times quotes Taymor as huffing.

"Shakespeare would have been appalled.  Forget about it.  It would be impossible to have these works come out because there's always something that people don't like," she added.

Yeah, if the groundlings got a vote, Shakespeare never would have been able to include that scene where Juliet slides down zip line from her balcony smack into Romeo's arms.

Message to Taymor: you and your version of Spidy got canned.  It is not likely that your take on the revision is going to be viewed as unbiased. And comparing what your previously called your "rock-and-roll circus drama" to Shakespeare isn't going to fly either.

While we have seen neither the earlier version nor the new-improved Spider-Man-Lite, our advice to Taymor is to not only "turn off the dark" -- but also to lighten up.


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