Thursday, September 1, 2011

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

Well, when dealing with the media -- you can  but you shouldn't.

Gary Fabiano- Dept of Labor
 Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis was taking part in a media Q&A breakfast on Wednesday when she got what appeared to be an unexpected softball question.

She was questioned about the vehicle she arrived in.  Rather than rolling up in a big, black armored limousine, Solis came in a relatively small silver Chevy Equinox.

Solis launched into a soliloquy about why she picked  that vehicle for her official car.  She said she wanted to "send a signal that we are for supporting our American workers, (and) American made products."

"The Bullet" as she calls the car is relatively fuel efficient and Solis seemed quite pleased about her selection and tied it to the "proud men and women" who make autos here in America.

Our buddy, Paul Bedard, of U.S. News, discovered, however, that the vehicle is assembled at two Canadian plants.

Video of Solis' answer is below.

There are two possible explanations for how the Labor Secretary got things so wrong.  One is that she was just making up the answer on the spot and assumed that the car was American made.  The other is that she did indeed instruct her staff to purchase a car to "send a signal" and they screwed up horrendously.

We are not sure which is worse.

By the way, screw ups are not uncommon at these Washington media breakfasts.  For a time Pentagon officials (facetiously) accused the breakfast sponsors of slipping something in the scrambled eggs - because so many top military leaders let their guards down and said stupid things at the morning sessions.

The lesson here -- there are no softball questions.  Don't make up answers that you hope to be true.

A Labor Department spokesman  later tried to make chicken salad out of Solis's comments by pointing out that 66% of the car's parts were made in the USA. Not good enough.  The Secretary's comments made clear she was not talking about parts.


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