Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mountain Dews and Don'ts

Probably sounded good to some lawyers. PepsiCo, makers of "Mountain Dew," are duking it out in court with a guy who says he found a dead mouse floating around in his just-opened can of yellow-green refreshment.

"Impossible!" the Pepsico defense team announced.  They are trying to prevent Ronald Ball, a 52-year-old man from Madison County, Illinois, from getting the $50,000  in damages he seeks in compensation for (he claims) having had the mickey scared out of him.

The Dew defense is that if a mouse had been doing the backstroke in a can of their golden goodness for 74 days (the time since the can was reportedly sealed) -- it would have dissolved into a "gel-like substance."  Ball says he found an intact  rodent rolling around his soda can -- which the opposition says can't be true - their product would have eaten through the flesh of the critter long before.

The case goes to trial in Wisconsin on January 11th.  No doubt it will fuel countless late night comedians' jokes about the effects of the soda which used to advertise that "It'll Tickle Your Innards." 

While we are not recommending paying off scam artists $50,000 just to avoid hundreds of thousands -- if not millions of dollars of bad PR.....the company would have been well-advised to temper their court filings a bit and to have written them a little less colorfully so that they didn't play into the hands of those intent on mocking their brand.  The lawyers should have checked with the PR guys before they came up with some soundbites which may sour the company's profits.


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