Saturday, March 3, 2012

TV Interviews: Not Childs Play

Being interviewed on live TV is not easy. It is doubly hard when you are a "remote" guest and you can't see your interviewer.

The video below shows how NOT to do it. The clip is of Rhode Island U.S. Senate candidate, Barry Hinckley, and his five-year-old son Hudson, being interviewed by Fox News Channel's Neal Cavuto. Hinckley elected to put the kid in a campaign advertisement talking about the burden of the national debt. One can argue the wisdom of putting a young child in scripted ad like that -- but clearly it is high risk to ask him to appear live on TV.

Turns out the five-year-old does a better job than his Dad at mastering the interview. It is clear that Barry Hinckley did not do what we teach -- which is to pick a point on the camera's lens or the square TelePrompTer that is in front of the lens. Eye contact is a must without looking like you are a deer in the headlights.

Barry shifts his eyes around throughout as if he were looking for a sniper. The candidate continually looks off to the left -- where more than likely there is a TV monitor or perhaps a member of his staff or his wife. Bad move Barry.

To make matters worse -- much worse -- notice how the candidate's lips move when his son is talking. Looks like he rehearsed expected questions with the boy and mouthed answers along with the kid while Hudson was replying to Cavuto. Perhaps Barry thought there was a close-up on his son at those moments and viewers wouldn't catch his ventriloquist act.  The only question here is: which one is the dummy?

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